About Us

Coast Watch Radio & Marine Rescue Squad [CRMRS] is a Volunteer Rescue  Squad initially started in 1975 by a group of fishermen & divers for the purpose of assisting each other whilst out at sea.  Due to the continual manning of radio communications they were able to be advised of weather conditions, mechanical breakdowns and emergencies.

Today the membership consists of mainly recreational Fishermen, Divers and Charter Boat operators.

CRMRS operate from a site close to the Ocean Grove boat ramp and are able to be on the water very quickly.

Due to the popularity of mobile phones we no longer have radio operators and rely on phone communications for emergency contact.  In an emergency our boat crew are contacted by a SMS messaging service automatically going to every crew member.

Our Vessel is a four year old Gemini 730 Interceptor powered by twin 150 hp Yamaha four stroke motors, is trailerable and gives us quick and easy access to any location in our area.

In an emergency situation always call 000